Barry-Eaton District Health Department Holds Marijuana Lock-bag Giveaway Event

August 8, 2023

The Barry-Eaton District Health Department (BEDHD) is holding a drive-through marijuana lock-bag giveaway event on Saturday, August 12th from 11am – 2pm. Residents of Eaton County can drive up to the main door of the BEDHD Charlotte Office – 1033 Health Care Dr. Charlotte, MI 48813 to receive a FREE marijuana lock-bag. No information will be collected, no questions will be asked.

The lock-bags are funded by a grant BEDHD received from the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Cannabis Regulatory Agency via the Marihuana Operation and Oversight Grants for Counties. The Michigan Medical Marijuana Program (MMMP) is a state registry program within the Cannabis Regulatory Agency. The program administers the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act as approved by Michigan voters in 2008.

Although medical and recreational marijuana are legal in the state of Michigan, it is important that anyone in the community in possession of marijuana is taking steps to keep these substances locked up in a safe place. Lock-bags offer an option for adults to keep marijuana locked away from children and pets who could suffer adverse health effects due to accidental ingestion. A national study in the journal Pediatrics, found that in 2017, there were just over 200 reported cases of accidental consumption of cannabis edibles by children under six in the U.S. In 2021, the number shot up to 3,054 – an increase of 1,375%. Marijuana lock-bags help reduce the risk of harm to children due to accidental ingestion, and keep our communities safe while supporting the medicinal use of marijuana in Eaton County.

In addition to marijuana lock-bags, other health and harm reduction supplies will be available such as family first aid kits, medication disposal bags, and naloxone kits. All supplies are provided for free, no questions asked.

More information about marijuana can be found on the BEDHD website here: . Questions about the lock-bag giveaway event or the Marihuana Operation and Oversight Grant can be directed to Emily Smale, contact information is below.

Barry County Substance Abuse Task Force is the recipient of the Marihuana Operation and Oversight Grants for Barry County. Lockboxes were distributed at an event earlier this summer.