Communicable Disease and Reporting

Keeping our kids safe

For Schools & Childcare Providers

To help track and control the spread of communicable diseases, schools and childcare providers are required by the State of Michigan (Michigan Legislature Public Health Code (Excerpt) Act 368 of 1978) to report communicable diseases to local health departments. BEDHD also provides consultation to schools and childcare providers about managing communicable diseases.

Communicable Disease Reporting:

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School Contact Information: 

Have questions or want more information on school reporting? Call 269-798-4125.

To report any case of suspected or confirmed communicable disease in Barry or Eaton County, please contact BEDHD:

  • Barry and Eaton County Phone: 517-541-2641.
  • You may also fax your report to 517-541-2666.
  • For emergencies occurring after hours or on weekends, please call 517-541-2683.

General COVID-19 questions can be directed to: Racheal Clark at 269-798-4125 or
BEDHD’s COVID-19 Case Investigation Line: 517-541-2641
COVID-19 policy-related questions and concerns: Rebekah Condon at 517-541-2693 or
General COVID-19 school-related questions and concerns:

*For information on specific communicable diseases, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website.