Environmental Health (EH)

Protecting Our Planet, Preserving Our Health.

Popular EH Services

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On-Site Sewage (Septic) Systems

Helping residents avoid exposure to untreated sewage and reducing contamination of groundwater and surface water resources.

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On-Site Drinking Water Wells

Helping residents and businesses have safe and healthy drinking water. Protecting water from wells that are on public/private properties.

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Restaurants & Food Establishments

Promoting and maintaining food-safe measures and sanitary conditions at all licensed establishments and events.

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Body Art Facility Licensing Information

Decreasing the risk of transmission of bloodborne diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV at body art facilities.

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Animal Bites

Bats, ticks, mosquitoes, and other animals can all carry diseases that humans can get from a bite.

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Adult & Child Care Facilities

Performing EH inspections of child day care centers, children’s camps, and child and adult foster homes.

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Campground Inspections

Working with the campground owner/operators to ensure the camping is safe & enjoyable.

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Submit a Complaint

BEDHD investigates complaints regarding garbage, sewage, vermin, and drinking water, among others.