Emergency Preparedness

Plan. Prepare. Protect Your Business

Businesses: What You Can Do to Prepare for Emergencies

Emergencies and disasters can strike quickly and without warning. Preparing your business for an emergency can help mitigate the loss of services and/or revenue, prevent the loss of operations due to staff shortages, and shorten recovery time. To learn more about business preparedness, use the following resources:

  • Do1Thing for Businesses
    • Do1Thing makes it easy for businesses to get started preparing for disasters and emergencies. It lists one activity that you can do each month to help prepare your business.
  • Ready.gov for Businesses
    • Ready.gov has information on five steps to developing a preparedness program for your business.
  • FEMA’s Emergency Preparedness for Businesses
    • This webpage has resources for emergency preparedness in businesses, including information on how to create a business continuity plan.

What you do now can help your business better prepare for and recover from disaster, as well as contribute to the overall readiness of our region.

Become A Closed Point of Dispensing

Partner with BEDHD and become a Closed Point of Dispensing (POD) today! A Closed POD partnership benefits your business, your staff, and your community, and there is no extra cost involved for you.

During a public health emergency requiring county-wide mass preventative medication or vaccination, BEDHD, in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS), will have Open PODs for the public to come to in order to receive  the necessary drug(s), based on the nature of the emergency. A Closed POD, in contrast, will be asked to provide their staff, staff’s families, and, if the business is a living facility, residents the necessary preventative medication or vaccine. This allows the Closed POD partner to be a priority in receiving medication from BEDHD and reduces the strain on local Open PODs.

For more information on becoming a Closed POD, please contact BEDHD’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Maddie Vervaeke at mvervaeke@bedhd.org or direct at 517-541–2693. BEDHD will work alongside your business to develop a plan, discuss liability concerns, and ensure that both parties understand their own and each other’s roles and responsibilities.

Types of Public Health Emergencies


Want to Help?

In any emergency, a large amount of people are needed to respond and help a community recover. Volunteers are vital to community recovery.

The Michigan (MI) Volunteer Registry is a place for people of all skills and experiences to register to volunteer in case of an emergency. The MI Volunteer Registry provides a place for volunteers to give their interests, skills, and contact information in case there is an emergency in Michigan that requires help from the public. Register to volunteer today!