Communicable Diseases and Reporting

For the Public

Communicable diseases are diseases that are infectious or contagious. They can be spread from person to person, from animal to person, or from contaminated food and beverages (especially water) to person.

BEDHD provides services to find, prevent, and control the spread of communicable diseases, including sexually transmitted infections (STIs), rabies, tuberculosis, and norovirus. To help stop the spread of communicable diseases, BEDHD focuses mostly on education, tracking the spread of diseases, and treatment for people who are sick.

BEDHD offers the following services to the public:

To report any case of suspected or confirmed communicable disease in Barry or Eaton County, please contact us at:

  • Barry and Eaton County Phone: 517-541-2641.
  • You may also fax your report to 517-541-2666.
  • For emergencies occurring after hours or on weekends, please call 517-541-2683.


*For information on specific communicable diseases, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's website.