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What Is Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new coronavirus that can cause serious illness and death. There are currently outbreaks of COVID-19 in many communities worldwide, including in the United States, and in Michigan.

Latest Information and Alerts

Michigan Epidemic Orders

Read Michigan's latest epidemic orders and also discover what orders have now been rescinded.

Current Barry-Eaton District Data

Weekly Data Reports

NOTE (4/21/22): An MDSS update has changed the way data is pulled and is now incorporating death data that was previously missed.

For case counts throughout the week and over the weekend, you can visit the State of Michigan's data website

Barry County Data Report(Data as of 5/12/2022)

Eaton County Data Report(Data as of 5/12/2022)

Pediatric Data Report (Data as of 5/12/2022)

  • *Cases are only counted after April 5, 2020, to match Michigan's website as closely as possible. A "probable" case is (1) a person who has a positive antigen test (i.e. rapid test) or (2) an epidemiologic link to a known case of COVID-19 AND has symptoms consistent with a COVID-19 diagnosis. Data should be considered preliminary and is subject to change based on case investigation.
  • =Recovered cases are defined as cases over 30 days from referral date due to changes in investigation processes.
  • **Active cases are defined as cases less than 10 days from the referral date.

Link to the State of Michigan's Coronavirus Data CDC's COVID-19 Data Tracker website. This displays the current risk level according to the CDC criteria.  This dashboard displays COVID-19 data for each of the Michigan Economic Recovery Council's regions as well as at the county level, in terms of the epidemic spread in that area, and public health capacity.  It helps us understand the risk levels (from high to low risk) in each region.

COVID-19 Updates to the Board of Health: COVID-19 State of Affairs, November 2021

Vaccine Information and Safety

Please visit the State of Michigan's COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard, which includes data by county and health department district.

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We are now offering FREE KN95 masks in both offices, Monday thru Friday, during regular business hours (please note our offices are closed for lunch Noon-1:00pm daily). Please wear a mask in the building when picking up your free masks!

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