Breast and Cervical Screening

At this time, we do not offer direct breast and cervical cancer screening, although, we do work with local doctors and specialists to coordinate screening tests and follow-up care as needed. Our preferred provider is the Michigan Breast and Cervical Cancer Control and Navigation Program (BCCCNP).

BCCCNP Program

You may qualify for life-saving cancer screening services, including diagnostics (e.g., mammograms and Pap tests), follow-ups, and cancer treatment through the Breast & Cervical Cancer Control Navigation Program (BCCCNP). If you have an abnormal mammogram or Pap test and your insurance doesn't completely pay for additional tests, we can help!  BCCCNP can pay for your follow-up care or work with your insurance to help pay for the services you need.

You May Qualify if You…

  • Are 40–64 years old, or
  • Are 21–39 and referred to BCCCNP with an abnormal screening Pap test OR clinical breast exam that requires breast/cervical diagnostic services.
  • Are a Michigan resident.
  • Have no health insurance coverage, or
  • Have health insurance that doesn't cover screening or diagnostic tests, or
  • Cannot afford your deductible.
  • Have a household income at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Level.

Call to see if you qualify or to set up an appointment:
Barry County: 616-632-7283 or 888-515-1300 ext. 7283
Eaton County: 517-887-4364 or 877-221-6505

Why Should You Get Checked for Breast and Cervical Cancer?

Every year, more than 1,300 Michigan women die from breast cancer, and 100 women die from cervical cancer. The best way to survive cancer is to find it early, when it is most easily treated. Although all women are at risk to develop breast cancer, this risk increases as a woman gets older.There are simple tests to screen for both breast and cervical cancer.

If you are 40 years of age or older, you should get a mammogram (a type of breast X-ray) and a breast exam by a health professional every one to two years.

All women should receive regular Pap smears, the screening test for cervical cancer, from their health care provider.