Family Planning Services

Getting You To The Providers That You Need

Family Planning

BEDHD does not offer direct family planning services (we do not prescribe birth control or emergency contraceptives), but we are committed to getting you to the providers that you need. Local places that provide family planning services are as listed below.

Community Partners

Cherry Health

Cherry Health offers a range of women’s health and wellness services including obstetrics, gynecology, breast and cervical health, mammography, managing menopause, preconception counseling, and infertility. They offer a wide range of treatments including medical gynecology and surgical care of women’s health problems.

Community health centers accept most insurances, including Medicaid and Healthy Michigan. A reduced, sliding-fee payment scale is also available for all services for those without insurance.

Title X Family Planning Clinics

Title X Family Planning Clinics get special funding to provide family planning services—including free or low-cost birth control—to teens and low-income women. These clinics offer completely confidential services to all women, a payment based on income, and very low cost medications.  Many also offer pregnancy testing, emergency contraception, and other referrals.

Click below to find a full list of Michigan Title X Family Planning Clinics.

Pregnancy Testing

Think you might be pregnant? Over-the-counter pregnancy tests (purchased at a local store or pharmacy) are very accurate in pregnancy testing.

If you have tested positive on a home pregnancy test, you can apply for Medicaid to provide medical insurance to cover prenatal care, delivery, and recovery care. Apply for Medicaid below.

If you need proof of pregnancy, we recommend visiting a Title X Family Planning Clinic or your local OB/GYN or family practice doctor.