Staff Directory

Jackie Anderson, Clinic Supervisor, 517-541-2625

Carol Balkon, Environmental Health Specialist, 269-798-4106

Anne Barna, Planning and Health Promotion Director, 517-541-2694

Wynn Berry, Environmental Health Specialist, 517-541-2658

Milea Burgstahler, Quality Improvement Coordinator, 517-541-2644

Chris Chesla-Hughes, Health Analyst, 517-541-2652

David Comeau, Environmental Health Specialist, 269-798-4103

Rebekah Condon, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, 517-541-2693

Deb Fuller, Environmental Health Administrative Assistant/FOIA Coordinator, 517-541-2621

Matthew Hill, Environmental Health Specialist, 269-798-4108

Nick Homant, Environmental Health Specialist, 517-541-2629

Nick Justice, Environmental Health Specialist, 269-798-4136

Matthew Kelley, Environmental Health Specialist, 517-541-2619

Lauren Metcalfe, Community Health Promotion Specialist, 517-541-2624

Kaylynne Miesen, Community Health Promotion Specialist, 517-541-2614

Amber Palmatier, Environmental Health Specialist, 269-798-4138

Amanda Robins, Environmental Health Secretary, 269-798-4107

Colette Scrimger, Health Officer, 517-541-2602, 269-798-4112

Amy Sharrow, Environmental Health Specialist, 517-541-2639

Emily Smale, Communications Specialist, 517-541-2669

Jodi Pessell, Community Services Supervisor, 269-798-4149

Jenny Ward, Environmental Health Secretary, 269-798-4113

Jay VanStee, Environmental Health Director, 269-798-4159


To contact Human Resources, please email or call 517-541-2671

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