School COVID-19 Resources

These materials are provided to schools within Barry and Eaton Counties to assist in school district planning and response for COVID-19.  Due to the changing nature of the pandemic, these materials are subject to change at any time.

The separate Toolkit appendices are available individually below:

HRA Program

The Health Resource Advocate (HRA) program was created in 2022 to help provide schools with COVID-19 and general public health supports. HRAs work as liaisons; connecting schools with community resources and public health supports, and are available to assist with evidence-based program research, development, coordination, and implementation. Our HRAs have an ever-expanding list of projects and programming they have tackled, in addition to providing COVID-19 support, but we have yet to explore all the ways HRAs can help support each school and its individual needs.

If you have any questions about the program or would like to chat about how an HRA may able to assist at your school, please connect directly with BEDHD’s Outreach Supervisor: Lauren Metcalfe or 517-541-2624.

MDHHS - HRA Program

State and Federal Resources