Barry County Community Survey Launches to Identify Health Concerns

July 1, 2024

Barry-Eaton District Health Department (BEDHD) and Corewell Health - Pennock have collaboratively launched the next cycle of the Barry County Community Health Needs Assessment, aimed at understanding and identifying the most pressing health concerns within Barry County. One of the first stages of this assessment is a community health survey that can be completed by anyone who lives or works in Barry County. This initiative highlights the dedication of BEDHD and Corewell Health - Pennock to enhancing the well-being of all residents in Barry County.

As part of the continuous efforts to improve community health, BEDHD and Corewell Health – Pennock acknowledge the importance of gathering input from the community to identify areas for improvement and to tailor programs and services accordingly. The survey is designed to collect insights directly from community members, healthcare providers, and community partners, to better understand the health concerns impacting Barry County.

The survey covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to access to care, barriers to receiving care, health concerns, community resources, social determinants of health (housing, neighborhood, transportation, education, etc.), and emergency preparedness.

The previous findings from the community health assessment (2021) have shed light on critical issues affecting the well-being of Barry County residents. The data reveal significant challenges in accessing essential services and resources:

Healthcare Access: Nearly one-third of the community members surveyed indicated that access to affordable healthcare is a pressing problem in our community. Around 20% of Barry- County adults reported not having a primary care provider, underscoring a gap in fundamental healthcare services.

Mental Health Services: Barry County faces a shortage of mental health providers, with only one provider available for every 821 residents.

Affordable Housing: One in five community members identified affordable housing as a key factor in defining a healthy community.

These statistics highlight the opportunity for us to come together as a community to improve the overall health and quality of life for our residents.

BEDHD and Corewell Health - Pennock encourages all community members, partners, and healthcare providers to participate in the survey. By sharing their perspectives and experiences, residents can influence the future of health in Barry County and contribute to creating a healthy, robust, and resilient community.

The Community Health Needs Assessment Survey is available online at and will remain open until August 5th.

To complete a paper survey, please visit:

  • BEDHD Hastings Office: 330 W. Woodlawn Avenue Hastings, MI 49058

For more information about the survey or to request accommodations for participation, please contact Sydney Nicholl at If you would like to learn more information on the Community Health Needs Assessment process, or view reports from previous cycles, please visit Thank you for your commitment to helping and improving our community. We look forward to positive change and improvement.