Health Data Reports

Measuring Health in Barry & Eaton Counties.

Communicable Disease Reporting

The data in the Monthly Disease Reports are provisional, based on current reports in the Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS) made by local public health departments. The MDSS is a dynamic, continually active system; total and year to date (YTD) disease counts are constantly changing as cases are investigated, confirmed as cases, or ruled out as not meeting the case definition. Each Monthly Disease Report reflects this constant activity as the numbers may slightly fluctuate each month. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that numbers in the Monthly Disease Reports are not final and should be used only to generally monitor trends over time. Unknown, suspect, probable, and confirmed cases of the reportable condition are included in the report.

An updated report is published each month. Specific data requests and questions should be directed to the following:

Aurelia Pena, Epidemiologist

Other Data Presentations

This report takes a look at Youth Alcohol Use in Eaton County.

Data presentation about opioid use, prevalence, and prevention in Eaton County.