Adult and Child Care Facilities

The Environmental health Division is contracted by the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS) to conduct environmental health audits of child day care homes and centers, children’s camps and foster homes, as well as adult foster care homes.

Child care center:  A facility other than a private residence, which receives 1 or more preschool or school-age children for care for persons of less than 24 hours.

Child day care home:  Same as a child care center, but located in a private home setting. 

Children’s camp:  A temporary residence (5-14 days) within a natural setting or a group of 5 or more children. 

Children’s foster home:  A private residence providing full-time parental care to minors (<18 years old) who are not directly related to an adult member of the household by blood, or marriage.  

Adult foster care home:  A private residence that provides care to adults who are aged, mentally ill, developmentally disabled or physically disabled, who require some level of supervision, buy not continuous nursing care.

Depending upon the facility type an environmental audit may include an evaluation of all or a portion of:

  • Food service 
  • Cleaning and sanitation 
  • Living conditions 
  • Maintenance of the premises 
  • Sewage disposal and water supply 
  • Recreational facilities

In addition to scheduled audits, the environmental health division also conducts plan reviews of all new day care centers and adult foster care group homes, as well as joint investigations with the facility's DHS licensing consultant on complaints or concerns related to environmental health conditions.

Click here to download the Adult Foster Care Plan Review Worksheet.

Click here to download the Child Care Center Plan Review Worksheet.

For information on DHS licensing and rules, please visit the Michigan Department of Human Services home page.