Behavioral Health

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The mission of Eaton Behavioral Health is to empower individuals, families and the community with affordable, accessible and effective, research supported, best-practices health care for the treatment of addictions and other behavioral health concerns. Our mission is further expanded by providing a holistic spectrum of treatment choices recognizing the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and social needs of every person in becoming healthy, whole and balanced.

Our Vision

An integrated community of people seeking wellness, actively supporting others, and honoring individual paths and strategies that promote and preserve health and wellness.

Organizational Leadership/Responsibility

Eaton Behavioral Health is a division of the Barry-Eaton District Health Department (BEDHD). Barry Eaton District Health Department is a local public health Department. BEDHD is organized pursuant to Act 368; P.A. 1978 as amended, and is a local government entity. BEDHD’s activities are under the direction of the District Board of Health, which is made up of three county commissioners from Barry County and three county commissioners from Eaton County. By State of Michigan statute, the Health officer is hired by the District Board of Health and is the chief executive officer for the organization. The Behavioral Health Division Director serves as the management authority for Eaton Behavioral Health. The Health Officer provides leadership for the BEDHD Management Team that includes the Behavioral Health Division Director. 

The Health Officer and the Management Team, are responsible for management activities that include strategic planning, quality improvement, information management, fiscal management, risk management, health and safety, human resources, communication, and accessibility. The Behavioral Health Division Director provides leadership for the staff of the Behavioral Health Division. The Behavioral Health Division Director is responsible for management of the same areas as it applies to operation of the Behavioral Health Division